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How PL & Partners grew registrations by 400% with Trustpilot

+213 millions

d'avis écrits sur plus de 893 000 domaines

+213 millions

d'avis écrits sur plus de 893 000 domaines

+213 millions

d'avis écrits sur plus de 893 000 domaines

PL & Partners is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow through paid advertising on both Facebook and Instagram.

Their team consists of performance-driven social media specialists that are passionate about their work and love to create great content for their clients. The social media agency specialises in Facebook and Instagram ads optimisation, and ensures that each one of their customers reaches their goals.

To better understand how PL & Partners optimise their customers' ads, we talked to Marcin Gasienica, Senior Creative Product Specialist at PL & Partners, and discussed the challenges you can come across when creating ads that convert well.

Among our customers, we often see companies with online stores use Trustpilot's widgets and brand material (logo and stars) online and on other marketing channels. They all work towards improving their KPIs, such as conversion rates, bounce rate, and visitor time, which helps boost their sales. In addition, they gain better insights into their products and business so that they know what they are doing well, and where improvement is necessary.

Marcin Gasienica
Senior Creative Product Specialist 

+213 millions

d'avis écrits sur plus de 893 000 domaines

+46 millions

d'avis ont été écrits sur Trustpilot en 2022

62 %

des consommateurs européens interrogés en 2021 affirment être plus susceptibles d'acheter auprès d'une marque qui a un bon score Trustpilot.

How PL & Partners realised the power of Trustpilot

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offered vast reach for businesses, allowing them to connect with consumers worldwide in real-time. These platforms provided various tools to capture user attention and entice clicks, regardless of the company's industry or offerings.

One significant benefit of social media advertising was its ability to track user behavior, opening up new opportunities for targeted marketing. By analyzing users' digital footprints, marketers could tailor ads to each stage of the purchase journey – awareness, reflection, and decision. This precise targeting, fueled by accurate data, allowed them to predict a user's next step with remarkable accuracy, eliminating guesswork from the equation.

However, a key challenge remained – the inability to gather complete information about individual users on social media. Marketers could only form generalized impressions and work from there.

For Marcin, trust was paramount in his approach to client relationships. His clients valued his advice and expertise, and this mutual trust enabled him to deliver exceptional results. Trust wasn't just his focus; his clients also strived to instill it in their own customers, ensuring a positive experience throughout their journey.

Social media ads convert better with social proof

There are various ways to optimise ads on social media. With their expertise, PL & Partners have shown that social proof and trust signals are an effective tool for optimising social media marketing.

The three customer examples above show that social proof works especially well in the consideration and decision-making phase, as the increases were all seen on retargeting ads.

For example, consumers that visited but did not buy anything were then exposed to retargeted ads from the company, as they’d previously shown interest in the brand and their products.

This means that these consumers were in the last two stages of the purchase journey; the reflection and decision phase.

In the final stages, it is less about the product and more about the brand itself, the consumer expectations and the customer confidence. By fulfilling these needs, a company can provide a good customer service and meet expectations.

Confidence clearly plays a vital role in the decision-making process of potential customers. With confidence, you can deliver results faster whilst strengthening your reputation with Trustpilot reviews and ratings.

Trustpilot reviews bring businesses closer to their customers as they open up a dialogue, and provide companies with valuable insights into their customers' opinions. With good reviews and ratings, brands can build credibility and power their business forward.

If you’re looking to optimise ads by leveraging the power of social proof just like PL & Partners do with their own customers, just request a free Trustpilot demo below.

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