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Why retailers need reviews to increase conversions

Monday, March 19, 2018
why retailers need reviews to increase conversions

When retailers first started selling their products online, acquiring a customer was easier than it is now. Retailers just had to reassure the customer the product they wanted was there, and push the sale.

Today, the digital environment has changed, and retailers are finding it harder to convert visitors into customers.

Growing competition and lack of trust in advertising are now affecting the customer journey and the decision-making process. 84% of consumers do not trust advertisements anymore and nearly all retailers have an online component to them, driving out any competitive advantage that comes with an online presence.

Consumers can compare businesses by cost, quality, customer experience, and more in just a couple of clicks; making it harder for online retailers to stand out.

However, reputation is still a major difference-maker, but building your online reputation isn’t easy.

When businesses consider their reputation, they’re also considering their business goals.

For example, reviews can help attract more traffic, and keep new visitors engaged through the whole customer journey because they’re providing an authentic account of your business.

The key to successful conversions is a customer journey where trust is part of every stage of the process. Including third-party validation on your website will encourage visitors looking for information to trust you more, and therefore continue their purchase on your website, now or later.

Online reviews help consumers make smarter, better choices when faced with too many options during the customer journey by summing up the overall experience of a customer with a brand, which helps offer simple and relevant guidance for new potential buyers.

In a world where trust in the internet is now “missing”, trusted and verified reviews are becoming more meaningful to get a sense of how companies treat their customers.

Many reviews are specific to a stage of the customer journey - which may relate to a product they purchased, the delivery experience, customer service, and more.
Andy Mulcahy, Editor at IMRG

In this exclusive report 'Learning from online reviews', IMRG Editor Andy Mulcahy and Trustpilot Marketing Director Alan Duncan will go through the changing world of online retail, what the current state of the customer journey is, and how reviews can impact the customer decision to increase conversions.



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