No matter what size your business, BigCommerce has a solution that helps you sell more.

BigCommerce powers ecommerce websites for successful retailers all over the world. Their revolutionary design platform lets merchants create stores that engage shoppers and make more sales.

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BigCommerce merchants grow at 2x the industry average
$200 Million in funding to date
More than 120 countries served


Why Trustpilot & BigCommerce?

Trustpilot and BigCommerce partnered to make it easier for merchants to grow brand trust, get closer to customers, and accelerate business. Our teams work closely to make sure joint merchants get the best experience with both of our platforms.

The integration

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Trigger a Trustpilot review invitation every time a new order is created in your BigCommerce webshop. Set invitation delays, choose email templates, collect product reviews alongside service reviews and invite past customers automatically.

This integration is developed and maintained by Trustpilot.

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