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The case for reviews

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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Join our webinar to hear “The Case for Reviews” and determine whether you’re sold on the collective verdict.

Mike King, Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank, and Bob Gooch, Product Marketing Analyst of Trustpilot, join forces to discuss why consumers and reviews matter - and why you should care.

Based largely on a survey of 1100 consumers, Mike and Bob dive into the psychology behind consumer reviews. How many reviews does a customer look at before deciding to buy? Which industries need reviews the most? Where are consumers searching for reviews?

Once you’re given the knowledge of the consumer behind the computer, you can take those tools to leverage your reviews. By sharing your consumer reviews at the precise moment of the buying journey - you can boost sales, traffic, and overall conversions.

Use the power of social proof and third party verification to sell your stuff. Let us show you why. Watch our webinar 'The Case for Reviews: How Consumers Use Reviews Today' here.


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