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Properly testing conversion rate optimization: What eCommerce marketers should prioritize

Monday, March 19, 2018
Virtual Summit conversation rate optimisation

The eCommerce industry is crowded and there are no signs that its growth will slow down anytime soon. Emarketer predicts eCommerce sales to continue growing by a double-digit growth rate up to 2020, topping a total of $4 trillion in sales. The National Retail Foundation (NRF) has also pointed towards retailers’ online presence as the major driver of growth. With such impressive sales numbers, eCommerce companies should really be taking a closer look at aspects of their digital presence to ensure they’re not leaving money on the table and so they can keep up with the competition.

CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is an important strategy for any marketing department and especially important for eCommerce companies, where an increase or decrease in conversion rates can make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. However, the right CRO strategy can be hard to properly implement. Departments need to be aware of what constitutes the right kind of conversions, how to test changes, and what metrics they should be paying attention to.

We were invited to participate in CPC Strategy’s 2017 eCommerce Marketer’s Virtual Summit in March. The Summit focused on the eCommerce industry and covered everything from SEO, to PPC, to optimizing conversion rates. Below is a recording of our webinar where we show you the 5 things to consider when optimizing key conversion rates and how to avoid common testing pitfalls.

Don’t have time to listen to the webinar? Go through the recording below and check out our advice on your own time!

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