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How to use trust to exorcise your checkout ghosts

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Exorcise Checkout Ghosts

Haunted by checkout ghosts? How can you tell?

If you’ve got a high bounce rate, and a low conversion rate, you’re probably haunted. You pay good money on search ads, drive consumers to your site – and Boo! They disappear. Common hauntings are: home page, landing pages, any page with a form to fill out, shopping carts, and payment detail pages.

Never fear! We'll show you how to get rid of them.

Join Chris Ayan, Director of Client Strategy at Hawke Media, and Jordan Garner, Director of Marketing, Trustpilot, to learn how to exorcise your consumer ghosts.

Discover what consumers are looking for, why they bounce – and how to boost your credibility, fast, so you can keep them on-site.

Webinar revelations will include: the importance of social proof, which credentials and certifications will build the most trust, and why testimonials are the wrong way to go – how to ensure your reviews are perceived as authentic.

Between tips to boost your paid search, email campaigns, Facebook ads, and on-site conversions – you’re in for a webinar for the record books.

Watch “How to Exorcise Your Consumer Ghosts,” now.


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